Mortgage Foreclosure

Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program:

Housing Counselors assist homeowners at risk of losing their home to sheriff’s sale through a foreclosure diversion program in the civil division of the Court of Common Pleas in Lehigh and Northampton Counties. Housing counselors meet with homeowners to prepare them for a Mortgage Foreclosure Conciliation Hearing held in civil court. The Housing Counselor reviews loan documents and assists the homeowner in exploring options available which include bringing the mortgage current, paying off the mortgage, proposing a repayment plan, requesting a loan modification, etc.  A proposal is developed to address the mortgage delinquency and is presented to the lender’s attorney prior to the conciliation. This hearing is attended by the lender, lender’s attorney, a pro bono attorney representing the homeowner (Northampton County only), the homeowner, and the housing counselor.